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General Rate Increase (GRI) for Ex Asia to Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea & North Africa

This serves to inform that MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. will implement General Rate Increase(GRI) for shipments moving from Hong Kong, South China and Taiwan to North Europe, UK,  Scandinavia, Baltic, Adriatic, West Mediterranean, East Mediterranean, North Africa and the Black Sea as below:-
茲通知,對從香港,台灣以及華南地區出口至北歐,英國,斯堪的納維亞,波羅的海,亞得里亞海,地中海東岸,地中海西岸,北非和黑海的貨物,我司將徵收GRI ,具體如下:
USD  550   per TEU
EUR  425   per TEU (POD: Syria)
Effective date/生效日期:

15th October, 2014  (against Gate in date)集裝箱進港日為準
*Feeder cargo ex Pearl River Delta will be applying as per Gate in date*  珠三角流域駁船出口貨物以集裝箱進始發港日為準