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New Customs Regulation For Import Shipments to Vietnam


Pls be informed that Vietnam customs office has just issued a Decision No. 6889/TCHQ-GSQL on 23rd Nov 2018
which requires carriers/shipping lines to strictly follow new requirements about manifest information submitted to Vietnam customs system for all import shipments to Vietnam as from 01st Dec 2018 (ETA).

Application ports: All ports in Vietnam
Effective date: Vessels that enter to Vietnam ports from 1 Dec 2018


1. Consignee name and Notify party name:

1.1. Consignee must be declared Cnee’s TAX code with the below format :

- For General cargo:
TAX code # Company name # Address (# Telephone # Email : optional)

- For Waste/Scrap cargo:
TAX code # Import License number # Bank Deposit number # Company name # Address (# Telephone # Email :optional)

1.2. Important Note:
- “#” is compulsory to separate between the information;
- TAX code: A sequence of number digits, excluding special characters (such as spaces, ., -) / \ (=! "% & *; <> @ & |?: + ''`. );
- Import License: valid import license/environmental certificate number issued by Vietnam ministry;
- Company name: must be corresponding with TAX code and must be the same with the one shown in Import License and Bank Deposit.
- If consignee is “To order”, notify party must follow above requirement for consignee

2. H.S code:

Hs code must be declared and corresponded with cargo name shown in the M.B/L & H.B/L description:
- For General cargo: Required at least 4 digits.
- For Waste cargo: Required at least 8 digits.

3. Name of cargo in the Description:

3.1. Compulsory format: Cargo name # Cargo Description

3.2. Important Note:
- “#” is compulsory to separate between the information;
- Cargo name: must corresponded to cargo name in HS code list.
    *For Waste cargo: Required to use the cargo name listed in the appendix of decision No.6889/TCHQGSQL. Please refer to HS code (Column 3,4,5) and English name (Column 7) in attached file.
- Cargo Description: should not declare unnecessary information not related to the goods. Cargo description should be brief and include the description of the nature of the goods, packing specifications, number of packages, weight, etc.

3.3. Example: PLASTIC WASTE#44 PKG#176 PACKAGE

WM Container Line Limited
DATE: 30 NOV 2018